Eaten by lions

Written on 19 Jul, 2020

Settling down to watch a film on Saturday nights is a treat; and one we don’t manage every week. When we do find time for a whole ‘feature-length presentation’ we’re then faced with the decision of what to watch. That should be easy, but with broadcast tv, Netflix, Prime Video, and Now to choose from we end up circling around film after film.

That’s why we often decide before searching a film needs to be a) under 100 minutes and b) easy-watching. Last night comedy Eaten by Lions met both criteria and being a British film set in Blackpool sealed the deal.

Two half-brothers (different fathers) find themselves in need of a home after their grandmother dies. An aunt and uncle happily take in one brother (Pete) but are reticent to help the other (Omar - and the names should tell you why they only want to take in one of them and the petty-minded nature of the couple). Omar decides to seek out his real father in Blackpool and Pete comes along because they are brothers and look after each other.

The sibling’s bond is characterised very well and the two actors have great chemistry. The supporting cast is also great and can deliver a punchline (unsurprising given the number of comics in the cast). It’s not a complicated film. The story is rather slight with no major drama driving the action. What it is, is well-acted and funny, and that’s exactly what we wanted.