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The Lies of the Land cover

Here lies the truth

Written on 1 Feb, 2024

Finding a book by self declared Private Eye ‘hack’ Adam Macqueen in the town library found me digging out my card and walking out with it tucked snuggly under my arm.

The Lies of the Land

The Price of Football logo

The Hand of Pod

Written on 3 Jan, 2024

Football? It doesn’t have to be complicated.

The Price of Football

A bunch of amateurs poster

Rank amateurs

Written on 16 Jul, 2023

The tale of the Bradford Film Club is full of camaraderie, pathos, and Yorkshire humour. The situation looks bleak for the club, and then Covid arrives…

A bunch of amateurs

The Long Good Friday film poster

One bloody Friday

Written on 28 Mar, 2021

With 40 years hindsight it’s surprising to see how much The Long Good Friday got right about London’s regeneration, and tragic to see how the idea of London as the European capital has disappeared post-Brexit.

The Long Good Friday

Eaten by Lions film poster

Eaten by lions

Written on 19 Jul, 2020

We often decide before searching a film needs to be a) under 100 minutes and b) easy-watching. Last night comedy Eaten by Lions met both criteria and being a British film set in Blackpool sealed the deal.

Eaten by Lions

Location presenters.

A town-like palace

Written on 5 Jul, 2020

I’m a little old to be radical now, but in me is still an echo of the university-educated working class boy. I remember being fired up by the radical Channel 4 and that’s why Location, Location, Location irks me.

Location, Location, Location